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Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Own

As the saying goes “a girl can never have too many clothes” but then you have the opposite of too many clothes you don’t wear, just hanging in your wardrobe taking up space. Why do we women have that many clothes, is it because:

  1. when something is on sale, we buy thinking it will fit us later down the track when we’ve lost some weight
  2. fast fashion, clothing nowadays are cheaper to buy
  3. we wait too long to return clothing back to the store
  4. what you bought is now out of style
  5. you buy to cheer yourself up
  6. sentimental pieces of clothing that bring back good memories

I felt so liberated when I cleared out my wardrobe, clearing out clothes I would never wear or that didn’t fit. What’s next you ask, once you’ve donated or sold your unwanted clothing. Here are 10 essential pieces of clothing you can mix or match or add to

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Black Trousers

Black trousers goes with anything in your wardrobe, you can dress them up or down with heels or sneakers

black pants
*Courtship Pants from Esther&Co $69.95 AUD


White Tee

Very versatile, can wear with with jeans, shorts, skirts, anything you want, even under a shift dress

white tee
*Darjeeling tee from Salty Crush $37 AUD


Ballet Flats

These shoes are chic & comfortable to wear even when you don’t feel like wearing heels. Pair with jeans or black pants

ballet flat shoes
Belin ballet flats from Django & Juliette


A Blazer

You can’t go wrong with a great blazer, wear it to the office, when you go out and a thick coat is not needed or even over a cocktail dress for a night on the town

black blazer
*Ringo Blazer from Esther&Co $149 AUD


Slip On Sneakers

If you want to look cool and who doesn’t, sneakers will hit the spot and your feet will thank you. Style with jeans, shorts or even your favourite dress

Platform Jodi Low Rise sneakers from Cotton On $39.99 AUD


Striped Top

The breton stripe top is so adaptable, you can wear it with anything or any print, from denim to leggings to floral skirts. This type of top can even make you look more flattering, the thinner stripes will make you look more slimming

striped top
Crew T-shirt from Cotton On $14.99 AUD



High heels can make you feel more confident and powerful, keep a pair at work for when you want that extra boost of confidence

high heel sandals
*Dalto heel from Esther&Co $89.95 AUD


Dark Wash Denim

Who doesn’t love a pair of jeans, when you buy one, choose a dark pair as you can wear it to work and it won’t stain so easily. Style with heels or flats

dark jeans
*Pacific jeans from Salty Crush $55 AUD


White Button Down shirt

A white button down shirt can be worn anytime and anywhere, wear with skirts/pants for work or leggings and sneakers for a casual look

white shirt
*Chiefly Top from Esther&Co $59.95 AUD


The Little Black Dress

A wardrobe staple when you have nothing to wear. The black dress can be your saviour, it’s a blank canvas for accessorizing and styling however you want

black dress
*Seaside Dress from Esther&Co $109.95 AUD

Clothing has never been more readily available and affordable than it is today due to cheap labor costs and companies selling fast fashion.
So the next time you buy that skirt/pants/top or shoes ask yourself this question “Do I really need it?”
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