Melbourne Fashion Week 2019

Melbourne, the most liveable city in Australia (even if I’m a bit biased) & according to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Liveability Index, hosted Melbourne Fashion Week recently from Aug 28th to Sept 5th.

Now in its 25th year, Melbourne Fashion Week presents Spring/Summer ready-to-wear collections that you can buy in store which is fantastic for us “real” people out there. The event positioned Melbourne as the fashion capital of Australia, which of course it is. Providing a launching pad for new, emerging & established designers, models & brands.

What I liked about Melbourne Fashion Week was that the runways, pop up fashion shows & exhibitions were shown at unconventional places around the city. Making it so much more accessible for so many more people. There were events at places such as the Melbourne City Baths, Melbourne Airport, City Square metro tunnel site, just to name a few.

First Nation fashion capsule at Southbank Promenade
First Nation Fashion Designer Capsule at
Southbank Promenade

Customized denim pieces by various designers
at Melbourne Visitor Hub

‘Here Comes the Fun’ at Southern Cross Station

The fashion capsules & exhibitions I went to were relaxed as it was open to view at any time of the day. This meant it was easy to just have a look around and no one bothered you (except when someone tries to jump in front of you when trying to take a photo).


Melbourne’s made-to-measure designers & milliners at
Collins Square



Design veteran Jason Grech “Sweet 16” theme at Collins Square

This is the second year I attended Melbourne Fashion Week. Even though I have more interest in the accessories side of fashion, I wanted to see what else was happening in the world of fashion. I love checking out the awesome new talent out there & learning about new designers who are spreading their wings. Being able to learn more about these designers and spread the word through my blog and social media is something I love to do.

This year, having never attended a runway show before. It was one of my goals to attend this year. So the Street Runway show I attended was at Seafarers Bridge, South Wharf at a local bar/restaurant called The Boat Builders Yard. I didn’t know what to expect as I took my seat at one of the tables reserved for the public & waited for the music to start. Once the music started, I looked around to see where the models were coming from, it wasn’t far from where I was sitting. The atmosphere at this runway show was relaxed and luckily it didn’t rain as you can easily have 4 seasons in one day in Melbourne.

Seafarers Bridge Street Runway 4

I really enjoyed the exhibitions & shows I went to this year & hopefully in 2020 I will get see more shows. You can follow me on Facebook or Pinterest