Workwear: Top 3 Items For Your Summer Wardrobe

Over the years the definition of work has changed, now its freelancing, remote work, job sharing, etc, you no longer need to be in an office to actually “work”. When you do go into the office, mornings can be frustrating & time consuming as we waste hours deciding what to wear. Reclaim your time by creating a “workwear wardrobe” with these 3 essential tips:


1. A Black Jacket
A black Jacket is essential to a woman’s workwear wardrobe. A black jacket provides a look that blends into whatever you are wearing. It can elevate your outfit whether jeans and T-shirt, or a dress. A jacket you can wear to give pitch in a business meeting and because it is so understated, you can wear it on the weekend or out to drinks.
black blazer
Behati Blazer by Aje

2. Wrap Dress
The wrap dress is a flattering style for all body types, it’s a simple, stylish design & great if you’re losing weight, creates curves & hides all the bulges that you don’t want to show. You can dress it up with heels or boots for a work meeting or even an interview, sneakers will look great for a casual day out.
penelope wrap dress
*Penelope Wrap Dress by Esther&Co


3. Shoes
Shoes are an important part of your working wardrobe, be it heels or flats. You want something that is comfortable & stylish. With strappy sandals you can wear with or without tight & they look great with a suit or dress.

strappy sandals

*Jerez Heels by Esther&Co

These are just for your summer wardrobe, stay tuned for more over the coming months. You can connect with me via  Pinterest or Facebook.

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