Workwear: 3 More Summer Items To Add To Your Wardrobe

Continuing on from my last post, you need a lot more than a jacket, wrap dress & shoes for your working wardrobe. Here are 3 more essential items that you can add:

1. Pants
If you are not a dress or skirt person, pants are a great alternative. There are a lot of styles out there & they can be dressed up or down. They don’t necessarily need to be black.

black pants
*Oasis Pants from Esther&Co

2. Blouse
Any type of blouse can be part of your working wardrobe, be it a button front, sleeveless, camisole or even a t-shirt. They can all be worn under a jacket or even casually if you want.

white blouse
*Feminine Top from Esther&Co

3. Tote Bag
A tote bag is essential for your wardrobe, it needs to be big enough to fit your laptop & work stuff as well as light enough that you don’t mind carrying it around with you. It must also be durable that you don’t mind if something is spilled on it.

totte bag
Mila Tote Bag (Tan) from The Scarf Company

These are just for your summer wardrobe, stay tuned for more over the coming months. You can connect with me via  Pinterest or Facebook.

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