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Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2020

I love color even though the only color I tend to wear nowadays is black. Each year there are new colors for the Spring/Summer seasons. For anyone who doesn’t know, Pantone analyses the palettes for the London & New York runways and then comes up with the color trends for that year.


So here are the colors for Spring/Summer 2020:


Flame Scarlet
A confident and statement color

*Ark Jumpsuit from Esther&Co

This color sits between orange and yellow & adds a bold touch to your outfit. It’s an obvious color for spring/summer

*Positano swimsuit from Esther&Co

Biscay Green
A refreshing, cooling and lively color to look at. Wear this color with any shade of pink

Jasmine Mule from Country Road

Classic Blue
This is a saturated blue, you could compare it to an evening sky. This is an alternative color if you don’t want to wear black

Dream Lover sunglasses by Poppy Lissiman

Orange Peel
This is a warm & happy color. It’s great color for daytime separates and dresses

*Langham Dress from Esther&Co

Coral Pink
This color combines the warmth of coral with the elegance of pink and is a  very soothing feminine hue

dress*Younce Dress from Esther&Co

This shade of green is much darker and richer. It pairs well with a lot of colors especially Saffron

pleated skirtCurve Pleat Skirt from Witchery

What color would you wear for Spring/Summer 2020? Stay tuned for Part 2 but in the meantime you can follow Argon Blue Fashion on Facebook or Pinterest.

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