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Color Trends For Spring/Summer 2020 part 2

Following on from my last post on The Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2020, below are more colors you may be wearing or accessorizing:

Faded Denim
This color conveys comfort and ease, pair with bold and vibrant colors

dress*Dafne Dress from Esther&Co

Cinnamon Stick
An earthy and warm color that you can incorporate into many things like sandals, corduroy jacket, tote bag

dressPuff Sleeve Mini Dress from Country Road

A lighter shade of yellow and the tone is soft & delicate which makes it almost perfect to work with any color palette

sandalsRYLAND yellow leather sandals from Django & Juliette

The rest of the other colors are Grape Compote which is a mellow purple shade, is great for pairing with the lighter Spring/Summer colors & Mosaic Blue which has the feeling of a true sky blue shade and is beautiful in many different shades

The following are more your classic colors:

This color is a warm neutral and is great for accessories & separates

handbagSolo Medium Satchel from Oroton

Navy Blazer
This color is a great alternative to black as it is a deep blue

*Ahoy Jumpsuit from Esther&Co

Brilliant White
This color is a very intense white and will go well with dark colored outfits and cool tones

white dress*Floss Dress from Esther&Co

This color is a cool toned grey and evokes a natural feel

cross body bag*We The Free Leather Cross body bag from Esther&Co

That’s it, these are some of the colors you may be wearing during the Spring/Summer of 2020. If you have not read Part 1, here is the link

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