Fashion Accessories To Wear for Spring/Summer 2020?

Who doesn’t love accessories, be they shoes or bags? Are you the  Imelda Marcos of handbags, shoes? Or …..
For me, my weakness is mainly handbags & shoes. I don’t buy shoes or handbags that often but when I do, they are not your average run of the mill color like black more like emerald or blue/red. Today we check out what accessories  will dominate Spring/Summer 2020. I’ll let you know my choice at the end of the article. What’s yours … ?

Sling Bag
Did the sling bag ever go away, I don’t think so, it’s so functional & you can wear it all day.
sling bagSling tote Patina at Nancybird

Bucket Bag
The bucket bag has been around for a while now and for Spring/Summer 2020, they’re more grown up & made from leather
bucket bag*Saville Net Basket Handbag at Esther&Co

Square Toe Shoes
This 90’s inspired shoe shape is back this season, the toe area is wider so your toes can breathe & not be squashed together.
sqaure toe shoeLidia Mule Tan at Sol Sana

Platform Shoes
In the 70’s, these shoes were popular, there was a resurgence in the 90’s  and now they’re back again for Spring/Summer 2020
platform shoeCaila mo red multi fabric platform at Mollini

Bejeweled Sunglasses
These sunglasses will make you look extra glam & chic, you will look like one of those Hollywood movie stars of the olden days & will certainly stand out
bejeweled sunglassesCrystal Beth – Black at Poppy Lissiman

Hoop Earrings
Hoop earrings never really went away, this season they are oversized, wear them in pairs or singularly. These type of earrings go with any outfit you choose.
hoop earrings*Hoop earrings at Esther&Co

Boutonnières were traditionally worn by men on their lapel and for Spring/Summer 2020 it’s the must have accessory for women.  You can even wear it lapel free on your straw hat or even pinned onto a skinny belt around your waist
BoutonnièresBoutonnières at Little Shop In The Blue

So here are some of the accessories that you can wear for Spring/Summer 2020, for me, my choice would be most of the above except for the platform shoes as I am not a fan of wearing shoes that high. What about you?

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