All You Need To Know About Vegan Fashion

Are you the type of person who cares about the environment & what you wear. There are a lot of brands out there that offer ethical & sustainable fashion, but how do you distinguish clothing or even accessories that are only vegan.
I didn’t realize until recently that vegetarian and vegan fashion were two different things, so I will only talk about vegan clothing/accessories.

What is vegan fashion?
What is vegan fashion, you may ask, to be truly vegan, the materials used must be cruelty-free & no animal products were used or harmed.  That also includes the glue used in the production of handbags or shoes which were derived from animals.


Materials which are vegan

  • organic cotton
  • linen
  • seaweed (SeaCell)
  • wood (lyocell)
  • beech tree fibre (modal)
  • hemp
  • pinatex (pineapple leaf fibre)
  • soybean (vegetable cashmere)
  • coconut fibre (nullarbor – coconut waste)

Materials which are not vegan
As we all know, we should try and avoid these materials when buying clothes or accessories

  • leather & exotic skins from cows, pigs, snakes, alligators, crocodiles
  • fur from goats, rabbit, dogs, cats lamb, seals & bears
  • wool from sheep, alpaca, mink
  • down feathers from ducks, geese & swans
  • silk from silkworms

There probably are a lot more to the above list, but I have only mentioned a few. Otherwise, the list would be too exhaustive.

Why vegan?
Why would you want to wear vegan you ask, as I’m reading & researching for this blog, I’m finding out how animals suffer just for our pleasure and looking good, which is cruel & not right, for example, did you know that geese are live-plucked for producing down , according to Peta, live plucking causes birds considerable pain and distress. Once their feathers are ripped out, many of the birds, paralyzed with fear, are left with gaping wounds—some even die as a result of the procedure. Workers often sew the birds’ skin back together without using any anesthetics.

Some people choose to wear vegan due to ethical reasons or they live a vegan life. It’s all personal choices that we make.

Where can you buy vegan fashion?
There are now many brands that offer vegan clothing or accessories, that means no animal products used at all.

Ahimsa Collective
This company uses pineapple leaves, recycled polyester (ecoprene), washable paper (cellulose) and deadstock (companies who discard unwanted materials)

Ziplock Foldover Bag – Smoke from Ahimsa Collective

Lorena, the owner of this company loved shopping & would buy fast fashion, eventually her outlook on life and clothing changed. In the end, Lorena, a vegan started selling clothing and accessories that were in line with her beliefs.

linen dress greenLinen Kimono Dress – Green from Velvety

Berts Footwear
Think flip flops or thongs as we call in Australia but more stylish & you have Berts footwear. This company uses EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) which is a non-toxic synthetic compound, in other words rubberized foam. They are 100% cruelty free and vegan certified.

pink mule shoesWaterproof Loafer Mule – Hot Pink from Bert’s Footwear

Difference between Vegan, Ethical & Sustainable
Sometimes vegan, ethical & sustainable are all intertwined, so I will explain each as best as I can.

Ethical Fashion
Ethical fashion by definition encompasses the whole production process from raw material to the finished garment, focusing mainly on the treatment of people at every stage of the supply chain, making sure they are paid fairly for their skills and work in a safe environment. Nowadays, ethical could also mean if you use animal products to make a garment.

Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable fashion focuses mainly on the environmental impact of producing garments like energy reduction, recycling, where fabrics, threads, buttons, etc come from and sourced.

Vegan Fashion
Vegan fashion refers to fashion that has been made with no animal products, it must be fully animal free, right down to every material used. It is the welfare of the animals.

To conclude, buying vegan fashion is a personal choice and only you can decide. What makes you feel good when buying clothes, let me know in the comments.

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