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Face Masks As A Fashion Accessory

Who would have thought 2020 would be the year that the world changed? I don’t know how the rest of the year will pan out. We just have to wait and see.

Let me ask you this question, would you wear a mask as a fashion accessory? I’m not sure what your answer would be, this has left some people divided but I certainly wouldn’t, well not the medical grade ones anyway as I think they should be left for the medical & front line profession who need them more than us to do their job.

Way before this pandemic started, the only people wearing masks were people in Asian countries. This was because of poor air quality & the SARS outbreak in 2003. Wearing a mask became an everyday occurrence.

Like a lot of businesses, fashion companies have had to adapt. Some like Prada & Gucci have been making masks as well gowns, unbranded of course, for the medical profession.   A few Australian designers from what I’ve read are making fabric masks. So if you buy a mask from them they will donate disposable/ medical mask to an organisation in need. Such a great idea. At least they are not profiting from it.

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Blue Atelier

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There are even YouTube video tutorials on how to make a mask. Please remember that these masks add some sort of protection but are not medical grade ones.

How long will we be wearing a mask when lock down is eased, according to experts, probably until the end of the year & also there are some situations where you have to wear masks where social or as I like to call physical distancing is hard to adhere to?

Currently in Melbourne and like most places in the world, it is now mandatory to wear a face mask.

Once pandemic is truly over, I’m not sure if people will still wear masks as a fashion accessory.  Only time will tell. 2020 will be a year no one will forget.

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