I’­­­m Pauline and I began Argon Blue Fashion because I am passionate about women looking fantastic no matter what their size or style. I love to promote Australian brands as we have our own style & can compete internationally.

And to help women find their own flavor I have added accessories to the mix so that each and everyone of us has the opportunity to be who we are, wearing what we choose.

At an early age I discovered my creative side, I loved to lose myself in art classes, designing and creative crafts. I took my passion to London and studied at Cordwainers College. This took me to working for an accessory designer. For a range of different reasons my career path ventured into hospitality and administration, I knew in my heart that I would eventually return to fashion. It has remained my number one interest throughout my life.

Bringing me down to today, I have settled back into Australia for the time being and decided to take the leap to rekindle my passion putting together all my experience and skill to support women globally to open them up to the world of Australian brands, clothing and accessories.