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Sneakers are my favourite footwear

Whether you are young or old, trendy or uncool, everyone has a pair of these shoes lying around somewhere in their wardrobe; even I have a few of my own, they’re sneakers, of course. They go with everything, from jeans to skirts to dresses, the choice is endless.

Did you know that in the late 18th century people wore rubber-soled shoes called plimsolls which were made without a right or left foot, how uncomfortable!!. Then in 1892, a U.S rubber company produced a canvas topped shoe called Keds. They were the first mass-produced sneaker & are still around today.

The type of sneakers I’m referring to is the canvas type that we have in Australia and not trainers, why the Americans call trainers as sneakers, I have no idea & it’s very confusing don’t you think.

Sneakers are my shoe of choice, isn’t it everyone’s well maybe not. You wear them when you don’t feel like wearing heels & want something comfortable for your feet. I like it when you pair sneakers with a suit. It makes you look a bit quirky & unconventional.

I don’t have a favorite sneaker brand, even though there are a lot, the ones I do tend to buy from are Converse, Vans and more recently Blowfish, I don’t have any colors I stick too, I buy what I like even if it is a bit out there.

Here are example of the sneakers I’m talking about.

You might think, well, how many pairs of sneakers do you have, not many compared to other sneaker aficionados who may have hundreds.

To conclude, if I was ever given a choice of what footwear to wear, sneakers will always come out on top.

What are your favourite pair of sneakers that you wear all the time. Let me know in the comments.

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